VAT Familie

Oude Geuze Boon VAT 108bis

Foeder N°108 is a cask of 10.000 liters made in 1935 which we have acquired 22 years ago. It originates from a former brewery where it was used for beers with a high level of volatile acidity. The lambic of this foeder enriched the character of our geuze blends. In February 2019 we decided to dismantle foeder 108 and replace it with a new one. The brew of April 27, 2016 was the last production that has aged in this veteran and was bottled to be Oude Geuze Boon VAT 108 bis on November 28, 2018. After this the foeder was dismantled and will serve for spare parts of other casks. The Lambic for Oude Geuze Boon VAT 108 bis has aged for 2 years and 7 months in foeder N°108. After bottling it has spent more than a year ageing in our warehouse and is now ready to be drunk. With en apparent refermentation of 89%, this VAT 108 bis is not harsh, but has a nice sour balance. The alcohol percentage is 8% (ABV). The aroma is comparable to the first version, ""VAT 108"", which was released in September 2017. The wine-like accents in this Oude Geuze are combined with a clear 'old beer' character which causes for a strong and robust taste with unmistakable, but not overwhelming volatile acidty.  

Dit bier draagt het GTS label.